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Serving Oregon  For Radiant Floor Heating Information Call (503)666-4444BOILER BAY MECHANICAL IS A RADIANT FLOOR HEATING COMPANY CREATED TO MEET THE NEEDS OF TODAY’S GENERAL CONTRACTORS AND HOME OWNERS. WORKING WITH THE CONTRACTOR TO MAKE RADIANT FLOOR HEAT AS EASY AS FORCED AIR, BUT WITH THE BENEFITS AND COMFORT OF FLOOR HEAT. NO BLOWING DUST, NO FLOOR REGISTERS, AND MOST OF ALL, COMFORT FOR YOUR CUSTOMERSRadiant floor heating systems and snow melt system  We specialize in residential radiant floor and snow melt solutions including design of entire system, custom control solutions and installation of these systems. Our job is to provide the owner with the best system. Radiant floor heating specialist will provide the right design, products, installation and final commission/start-up insuring your radiant floor and snow-melt systems operates as required.Radiant floor heating systems and snow-melt systems continue to grow in popularity in today's mechanical systems. While this technology has been around for centuries in one form or another. Radiant floor heating has its origins in ancient Rome, where fires were built beneath floors of villas. Early Korean building were similarity heated by channelling flue gasses beneath floors before venting those gasses up through chimneys. In the 30's Frank Lloyd Wright used hot water ran though pipes in floors rather than air. A practice that has become common in custom homes today. The heating system is one of the most important parts of the home. Your choice of a heating system will affect your family's comfort and even its health for many years to come. Please call for Free quote and start living in the comfort of radiant floor heat today.My phone number is 503-666-4444CCB #179792